The Moondial Series


First up, I thought the vocabulary was wonderful. Descriptive words that caused me to think, imagine. The characters were easily personalised and bore the characteristics I have learned from other fantasy writings. This uncluttered the book, improved the pace of the adventure and engaged me in the action. I’m not an avid reader and this was an entertaining story which left me wanting more!”  

P HendersonThe Moonchild Cover


When night falls hard on Demeter’s land

And the Moondial’s laws are broken

Hope will come from a foreign hand

Whose whispered name is spoken.

The stones of law are cast afar

and scattered to all ends

Some will come to hunt them down

Will one help make amends?

The seven stones to seven worlds

Have powers undiminished

Created at the dawn of time

Their journey never finished

Unite the stones

Rebuild the dial

Heal their flaws

Undo the evil in men’s hearts

And thus restore the laws!

The Calender Riddle


I found this to be quite a refreshing read, compared to other fantasy tomes. Granted, there are some similarities to work by a certain JRR Tolkien, but they are quite small. It is rather hard NOT to emulate tropes from his work, but I digress.

I enjoyed the inter-world camaraderie between Earthlings and Demeterians, especially the team that assembles in the later half of the book. It was also refreshing to see there were very few characters (and well-rounded ones) that a reader needed to track.


Rock God

Book 2 of The Moondial Series is now released. Another world, new challenges, new horrors and new enemies, as well as some old,  will face Peter Calender and his companions.

The link to the audiobook of Rock God is below for those who would like to follow it. This is still a beta version as the editing is not completed yet.


Book 3 of The Moondial Series

Peter is close to death and his companions are in search of the Star Ruby, the one Stone of Power that could save his life. Nightjar is desperate to save Peter and will stop at nothing, but there are others who will stop at nothing to ensure she fails.


Book 4 of The Moondial Series

New companions, new challenges and who better to face the task than, Aveley Blaze, the sea captain. The enemies are more terrible, the difficulties unimaginable, but there is no alternative than to try. Aveley is the hope for Peter Calender’s mission and she will see it through to the end, or die trying.


For All Time is the fifth and final book of The Moondial Series. The saga comes to its final conclusion at the Equinox. Can the Moondial be rebuilt and the Laws restored or will the fate of the Seven Worlds lie in the hands of Gorn or his brother Fell Craven?