Arrival – Hell Fire Part 5 Audiobook

As promised, here is the link for Part 5 of the audiobook version of Hell Fire. All is not as Runion had hoped on the Isle of Meld. He had … Continue reading Arrival – Hell Fire Part 5 Audiobook

Meld Island – Part 4 – Hell Fire audiobook.

At dawn the next morning the River Runner was anchored off a small cove. Steep cliffs surrounded the bay and a smile of white sand welcomed the launch as Aveley and Runion rowed towards the shore. There were only gulls to herald their arrival, or at least that was what the pair hoped. The air was cool and they could see low cloud hanging along the cliff line. The surf broke gently onto the beach and the tide assisted in their passage to the shore. Behind, the safety of the boat called back to them and uncertainty beckoned them on to the isle.

Hell Fire – Part 3

The link below will access Part 3 of the fantasy audiobook Hell Fire. The next part will be added each week. This is an original novel and is part of … Continue reading Hell Fire – Part 3

Hell Fire – Part 2 – Audiobook

The link will take you to Part 2 of the audiobook Hell Fire. In this episode Runion and the captain of the River Runner, Aveley Blaze, flee from the Reevers. … Continue reading Hell Fire – Part 2 – Audiobook