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This is an exciting page turner stuffed with great characters and humour. It’s a fantasy which will entertain readers of all ages and although it is probably aimed at 10 to 14 year olds, I loved it. I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good read and look forward to seeing more from the author.”   S Strickland

Mysterious warning messages are appearing on the blackboards at Wickergate Primary School, in Northern England. They appear when the classrooms are locked and unoccupied. They warn that the new head, Mrs. Killfeather is a witch. Ashley must face his own demons, as he tries to solve the mystery of who the Phantom Scribe is and what he wants Ashley to do. More accustomed to facing dangers in a book, Ashley must face supernatural challenges where no one is to be trusted. The cost of failure is unimaginable horror on a personal and global scale. Riddles, puzzles and danger face Ashley at every turn, as he seeks for answers from the past to ensure there is a future.

A tense, fast paced ride for children and those young at heart. Lashings of humour and insight into the human spirit. Below is the link to the full audiobook available for free on SoundCloud.


Horror arrives in Australian suburbia. The Stedman family are as everyday as they come, with all their idiosyncrasies. The youngest Andrew is haunted by dreams from a world he doesn’t know, but somehow is calling him. What is the thing in the aquarium in the garage? What is Mr. Baldwin’s secret? What happens at the Science Fair? Can one teacher’s ego and hatred unleash terror into the world?

Linking the mundane of suburbia with the magic and mystery of the Highlands in Papua New Guinea, this novel for the middle years, opens up the hidden world of the imagination. A rollicking ride!

Audiobook free to listen to on Soundcloud