David’s Bookshelf Issue 2

‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – The Build-Up to Christmas. Winter and Christmas Parties at Harehills County Primary School in the 1960s. Cup of Tea Tales

  1. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – The Build-Up to Christmas. Winter and Christmas Parties at Harehills County Primary School in the 1960s.
  2. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Hippy Attempt on the Summit of Mount Snowdon. What Foolish Things We Did as Students!
  3. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Ashworth’s Sweet-Shop, Harehills. Sweets, Victory V Lozenges, Sweet Cigarettes and Other Delights We Have Lost Over The Years. 
  4. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – A’ Levels, the Final Year at High School, Planning to Leave Home, Getting into College and Growing Older if Not Wiser.
  5. David’s Bookshelf Issue 5

This has been both a busy reading and writing week for me, particularly as we have had family staying with us, but I have now reached the end of Part 1 of The Thursday Murder Club. I have to say that I am enjoying the light escapism of a well-written and entertaining read. There is a place for books that entertain without challenging. Some television does the same, as the success of series such as Midsummer Murders and Death In Paradise illustrate.

With my own writing, I am well into 30000 words into ‘Slipshod’. The book is more unusual as it combines two narratives; the whodunnit featuring the main character Slipshod, and the story of the writer creating the novel. Murder, mystery, intrigue and lashings of humour with a touch of the occult.

I have been reading two other books, and the first is a Science Fiction novel, part 1 of a series and the second is a novel set in the outback of Western Australia.

The Shattered Warrior (The Ever Saga Book 1) Brian Xavier Cole

Read It, You Won’t Be Disappointed

I was unsure what to expect from this book. A new series in a genre I hadn’t read for a long time, I started with no preconceptions. What I found was that I was captured from the very beginning. A galaxy, Delti, is being torn asunder by brutal warfare, and you step into the battle from the first page. The Talar are gradually dominating the galaxy and slave warriors struggle in a losing battle. The chances of survival are measured in hours rather than days, but Perelor, aided by Arrus have beaten the odds.

The only hope is for the Endowed to be discovered, and Ithrey holds that knowledge. This first novel in the series has all the hallmarks of classic science fiction, and the masterful writing is reminiscent of Herbert and Asimov. These are dark times, great families vie for power and treachery, politics and violence abound. Human life is worthless and even death provides no escape. A blend of SF and fantasy, this is an absorbing world and I recommend this for anyone who feels jaded by unimaginative writing.

Wild Dogs

Hard Land, Hard People, Great Yarn!

Set in the outback of Western Australia’s Pilbara district, police constable Danny Arbour is new in town. He has an experienced sergeant and an attractive police constable, Sylvie, with who he quickly forms a friends-with-benefits relationship. Danny is an ex-Australian rules footballer, who had to retire young because of a knee injury. A young man with a chequered history goes missing and is feared lost in the outback. The police organise a search, using locals, but it all turns out a waste of time as he is found in a caravan park.

This is the start of the trouble for the police, and Danny, in particular, as another mystery unfolds. This is the second book in the series, and I have enjoyed reading work set in Western Australia, where I live. The descriptions of the land are authentic, the people are accurate, and the dangers are real. The story is a fast and easy read, and if you want a read that is entertaining, without being challenging, then I would highly recommend Wild Dogs.

I particularly liked the ending.

Both of these books are well worth reading and being from less well-known authors. They are very different genres, but I feel they deserve a wider readership. Seeing as this is the start of my reviews, I am choosing books that I feel are worth reading by less read authors, and I hope some of you might give them a try.

I have been working on a cover for my coming novel, so would be interested in what you think. The artwork is created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is something I have recently tried and with the aid of photoshop it can produce some amazing results. This is something I might talk about in a future issue.

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