David’s Bookshelf – Issue One

‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – The Build-Up to Christmas. Winter and Christmas Parties at Harehills County Primary School in the 1960s. Cup of Tea Tales

  1. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – The Build-Up to Christmas. Winter and Christmas Parties at Harehills County Primary School in the 1960s.
  2. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Hippy Attempt on the Summit of Mount Snowdon. What Foolish Things We Did as Students!
  3. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Ashworth’s Sweet-Shop, Harehills. Sweets, Victory V Lozenges, Sweet Cigarettes and Other Delights We Have Lost Over The Years. 
  4. ‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – A’ Levels, the Final Year at High School, Planning to Leave Home, Getting into College and Growing Older if Not Wiser.
  5. David’s Bookshelf Issue 5

This is the first of a series of blogs that will review some lesser-known author’s books that I have read in recent days, and some more traditionally published books. These newcomers are the aspiring authors who produce works of fiction that are self-published and often are overlooked as they don’t have the backing of publishing houses or have marketable names and profiles. As one of these authors, I know of the frustration of spending months writing a novel and finding it hard to get anyone, apart from relatives, to read them.

Of course, some self-published novels should never have seen the light of day, and like some contestants in American Idol’s initial auditions, their mothers and friends should have been honest. However, some are hidden gems and are well worth the expense.

I am now well into my next novel, ‘Slipshod’ and will publish it before the end of the year, and my latest novel, Just After Midnight, is a mystery suitable for teenagers upwards. Like all the books I am reviewing, they are available from Amazon, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

I am starting off with two novels, one a realistic thriller and the second a paranormal fantasy. Both I have enjoyed reading and if you want to try something new, then why not give them a go?

If you want to help new writers, then giving their books a rating or a review on Amazon is always appreciated.

A Stone Bled Dry – Brian T Marshall

Don’t Judge This Book by Its Cover

I have read other works by the author and enjoyed them for their edge, gritty issues and reality, and this one does not disappoint. Jack is a grandfather hiding from the world and his failures in a very small town in the wilds of the US. His life is changed when suddenly his granddaughter is dumped on him. We quickly learn that the family has a disturbed background because of substance abuse and this jaded old timer’s life is shaken by Jewell.

Jewell is the most mature and sensible member of the family and her arrival changes Jack’s life for the better. Relationships, maturity and hidden secrets have a way of creating mayhem, as Jack and Jewell discover. Life is not always fair, and endings are not always happy, but such is life.

This is an excellent short novel, with believable characters and a style that is easy to read and compelling. My only suggestion is don’t judge the book by its cover.

Jarrod and the Demon’s Knight – PN Burrows

Enter this world at your peril. You have been warned!

For those who love a gripping magical fantasy, this is a must. In the mode of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, this is great fun.

Jarrod Wentworth is a collector of antiquities and specifically arcane ones, and when one of his artefacts disappears from the dealership that sources his rare objects, then all hell is let loose. Jarrod holds a secret as he is a wizard from the world of Prushal where magic abounds. He is part of the University of the First University of Magic and is the only member to possess the Wayfairer’s Step, the ability to cross from one world to another. He is on Earth on the pretext of studying the human race that has lost most of its magical abilities but is primarily seeking his lost son.

Jarrod meets the delightful Detective Sarala Widcombe, and together they form an unlikely alliance and go in search of a sadistic serial killer. This book is pure pleasure, and you enter this world at your peril. You have been warned!

These are two interesting books and I don’t think you will be disappointed. Let me know what you think if you read them. I am currently reading Richard Osmond’s The Thursday Murder Club, and whereas this is not a book by an indie author, I will give you my review when I have finished it. It has had remarkable success, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Happy reading

David M Cameron

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