The Pulling of the Knot – Part 11 Hell Fire (Audiobook)

An old enemy is holding all the cards and he is not afraid to use them. The laws governing the Seven Worlds are breaking down and the normality of suburbia is cracking and who knows what lurks beneath. Life as we know it is just a veneer and Brian and Bones are quick to learn this. The web is becoming even more tangled and even prophesy is failing in these uncertain times. Twists and turns lead the reader in a merry dance in Part 11 of this fantasy novel for adults. Humour and insight into the human condition make these characters very believeable.

Stream this episode on the SoundCloud player below. A new part will be added each week. Hell Fire is book 3 in The Moondial series.

For those new to Hell Fire all parts up to Part 11 can be found on the player below. Hell Fire is available to stream for free.


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