Meeting of Minds – Part 10 of Hell Fire (Audiobook)

The luckless Sly is not having a good day, but little did he know how it could turn even worse. Suburban shopping centre, suburban lives shattered by forces from another realm. Sometimes fate seems to have it in for you and sometimes it is just your time. Part 10 continues the saga. Listen if you dare!

When night falls hard on Demeter’s land

And the Moondial’s laws are broken

Hope will come from a foreign hand

Whose whispered name is spoken.

The stones of law are cast afar

and scattered to all ends

Some will come to hunt them down

Will one help make amends?

The seven stones to seven worlds

Have powers undiminished

Created at the dawn of time

Their journey never finished

Unite the stones

Rebuild the dial

Heal their flaws

Undo the evil in men’s hearts

And thus restore the laws!

The Calender Riddle

The link below will allow you to stream Part 10 on SoundCloud. There is no charge and the next episode will be added each week. Subscribe to my blog to ensure you are kept up to date with all parts and news.


If you are new to Hell Fire or you need any of the earlier parts they are available here on the SoundCloud player.

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