Wasteland – Part 9 – Hell Fire (Audiobook)

Now with a purpose, if not a plan, the three decide to search out the lair of the Reever Queen, Ameles, and if they can, kill her! Arn-duin sits at the centre of a wasteland and the trek is difficult, but danger strikes before they even set off. Part 9 of Hell Fire continues the saga of Nightjar, Hardgrist, Gillian, Jenny and Ravenscort as they seek the Star Ruby, save their friend Peter Calender and save the seven worlds.

Nothing comes without a price and sometimes the price is too much to bare! This audio book can be streamed from the SoundCloud link below and a new part will be added each week.

For those new to Hell Fire all the previously released episodes are available to stream, at no cost, through the SoundCloud player below.

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