Ameles – Part 6 of ‘Hell Fire’ audiobook

The companions are now divided on a strange and dangerous new world. Death and danger has faced them at each step of their journey, but now they have to make decisions that would change all their futures.

Hardgrist and Jenny were clearly unsure. The one thing the three could agree on was that apart from the passage in the manuscript, they had no idea what to do and where to go. Their friends had disappeared, they were alone in a strange land, they needed to find a stone called the Star Ruby and return it to the Watchers to help save Peter. In the past they had followed Peter’s directions and more recently Ravenscort and Nightjar had taken the leadership role between them. Now there was just the three of them. Byron had been killed so he couldn’t help and they knew they would have to rise to the challenge and make a decision. All three had grown during the time they had known Peter Calender. Their lives had changed unalterably, they had seen death of friends and comrades, but faced up to the challenges. Their friends needed them to act.

Part 6 continues the adventure and can be streamed from the link below. If new to Hell Fire then all parts can be streamed free from Soundcloud on the link at the bottom of the page. A new episode is released each week. Give it a listen, I hope you will enjoy this new fantasy novel for adults and young adults.

Hell Fire is Book 3 of The Moondial Series and the first two books, The Moonchild and Rock God are available as audiobooks on Soundcloud or can be purchased on Kindle and Amazon.



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