Hell Fire – Part 3

The link below will access Part 3 of the fantasy audiobook Hell Fire. The next part will be added each week. This is an original novel and is part of The Moondial Series, but can be listened to on its own. The Earlier parts are available from the link at the very bottom of the page. You will also find a summary of the previous two books below.

When night falls hard on Demeter’s land

And the Moondial’s laws are broken

Hope will come from a foreign hand

Whose whispered name is spoken.

The stones of law are cast afar

and scattered to all ends

Some will come to hunt them down

Will one help make amends?

The seven stones to seven worlds

Have powers undiminished

Created at the dawn of time

Their journey never finished

Unite the stones

Rebuild the dial

Heal their flaws

Undo the evil in men’s hearts

And thus restore the laws!

                                             The Calender Riddle


Legend told of a boy that would save the seven worlds, after the fall of the Moondial and the scattering of the seven stones of power. Peter Calender was that boy. He had been given the Moonstone, one of the stones. Evil forces sought the stone and he travelled worlds to escape their clutches, accompanied by an ill assortment of friends. They bested the evil necromancer Gorn, severed his left hand and avoided the clutches of Fell Craven, but Nightjar was mortally wounded. Peter relinquished the Moonstone and it became the force that kept her alive by bonding with the woman.

Peter and his companions made the decision to track down the remaining stones, bring them together at the home of the Moondial and thus restore the laws to the seven worlds. They travelled through the Watchers’ house and arrived just in time to prevent the Saters, demons from the afterlife, from killing Jenny. They became involved in the politics of Iridium a world similar, but very different to Earth. Social order had become a contest where rock bands fought for the ultimate prize, the Battle of the Bands. The Controller was the political head and she was also a demon. Gorn and the Controller were working together to dominate the planet and Gorn to regain the Galena Crystal that Peter had taken from him. He also sought revenge for the loss of his left hand and desired the Moonstone. Gorn had a hand from a serving girl to replace his own, but a part of her spirit now resided within the necromancer. Success for Gorn was snatched from him at the last moment, but he drove a dagger into Peter’s heart, before fleeing.

Peter was taken to the Janitor’s flat where he was tended, but his life was slowly fading. He could only be saved through the use of the Star Ruby, another of the stones of power. Time passes slowly in the homes of the Watchers and Nightjar and the others set off to a distant world in search of the Star Ruby, in order to save Peter Calender and possibly the seven worlds. It is his only hope. Nightjar posses the Moonstone, Hardgrist the Tiger’s Eye and Ravenscort the Galena Crystal. With three of the stones of power they are a force to be reckoned with, but will it be sufficient?



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