SYMPTOMATIC – I Know What You’re Looking For!

Now this song was  one that I am fond of, but I know not everyone likes it. A more interesting structure  and basically an electronic background. As you can probably guess, I sang the lyrics straight off and I never felt the need to change them. I suppose the voice is just another instrument in this one.

Started off with the rhythm track and then just built it up. This is probably the last video for tracks from SYMPTOMATIC as I have over twenty new tracks to choose from for the next album PUSH.

The best thing about my life at the moment is that I don’t have to meet any deadlines but my own. This means that I can write whatever comes and the range of new material is even more eclectic. I always enjoyed playing in bands, the sharing of ideas and the critical feedback, but human beings as we are, it is easier to work on your own. I do miss live performance, but I can live with that.

With family, writing and music I can honestly say that I am very lucky. Long may it last!

Have a listen.

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