When Were You Gonna Tell Me?

A newly released song off Symptomatic, with a hopefully interesting video. This one is a full on rocker that harps back to the seventies.

I am busy writing new songs at the moment and have over twenty available for the new album. I am so busy at the moment, with writing the new book, completing the album. The only problem is that I love the creative process, so when I am bored with the technicalities of recording and editing the songs, I will just  decide to write another one. It is like giving birth to a new baby, not that I have actually done that, but I do have children. The creative process is a joy in its own right and as a result I don’t need anyone to listen to feel a sense of accomplishment. Certain parts of music fit together and send a thrill through you.

Anyway here is the new song and video and I hope you enjoy it.

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