And we’re off!

Hell Fire
Hell Fire cover



Just when you thought it was safe, I have started putting pen to paper, proverbially that is, on Part 3 of The Moondial Series – Hell Fire!

I suppose that you never know if there is another novel in you, but there certainly appears to be at least one more in me. Anyway, Hell Fire has to answer so many of the questions raised at the end of Rock God, so I couldn’t not write it.

On a purely selfish basis, I want to know what happens to Peter, Nightjar, Ravenscourt, Hardgrist, Gorn and Fell Craven, to mention just a few,  so if I don’t write it I will never know. What’s more, I have already got some new characters coming to life so be prepared to meet Runion, Aveley Blaze and Mantis. Want to know what they are like? So do I! It is always a bit of a mystery. Earlier characters in my books have tended to have elements of people I know or have met, but with these friends I feel I have a blank slate to create their personalities, their foibles, their urges and desires.

I expect I will follow the same writing routine that I have done in the past and produce a draft audiobook as I go through the editing process and my timeline will probablGorn Hell Fire Cover 2y be to publish the book at around Christmas. I will keep you posted on progress. Thank you to those who have given my books a go.

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