Rock God – Book 2 of The Moondial Series Now Available!


Book 2 of the Moondial Series is now available and I hope that readers enjoy it. Get ready for a  challenging ride full of danger, betrayal, demons and necromancy! Peter Calender and Nightjar are becoming more than companions as they face perils in the alien world, Iridium. Their fellow travelers, Ravenscort, Hardgrist and Debbie find themselves caught in a city where revolution is festering under the thin skin of civilization. The newly dominant Quorum rule using an iron fist and utilize the worst of human nature to subjugate the population.

Heavy rock music dominates society  both as entertainment and competition. The Battle of the Bands is the opportunity for local rivalries to come to the fore. The winners reap the glory and the losers suffer the consequences. One band has stood the test of time, Insatt and the Saters, but trouble is brewing, secrets are discovered, and the chasm that is growing puts the world in danger.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the Moondial needs to be repaired before the laws that control the seven worlds completely break down. Prophecy has been shown to be unreliable under the new paradigm and the growing powers of the ‘dark’ jockey for dominance.

Take a deep breath and join the fun! Fast moving storytelling with lurking dark humor for those who like a good yarn!

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