Battle of the Bands – Rock God Part 13

The next part of the audiobook version is now available, so I hope you enjoy it. If you are new you can listen to all the parts on the link to SoundCloud below.

I have finally managed to complete the editing of Rock God. There are two further audiobook parts to follow thisRock God Part 13 one. The eBook and paperback versions should be available from next week and I will add the link as soon as possible. As you may be aware, I have had to rush the completion process so that I can get it available for Australian readers to purchase the paperback before the end of the month when Amazon will block access to Australia.

A Quick Summary

Pennitent has been taken over by the mysterious Quorum and their rule is complete. They have subjugated the population by fear and by the manipulation of rivalry between the four quadrants: Astrolabe, Zenith, Horizon and Cirrus. By holding an annual Battle of the Bands, where each quadrant selects a rock group to represent them, they can channel the emotions of the people. The winners enjoy fabulous rewards whilst the least successful meet an unpleasant end. Insatt is the lead vocalist with one of the most enduring acts, The Saters, but being a rock star is not all it is made out to be. Walking away from fame and fortune is not as easy it as it seems, especially when a groupie has a desire to kill you.

The fate of the seven worlds is in the hands of a small band of travellers, who seem ill-equipped for the task. Rival forces with other intentions gather to reclaim the Moonstone and the Galena crystal. Possession of the stones being the first step to dominating the seven worlds!

Even death cannot bring relief when evil is abroad!


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