New Day! – Part 12 of Rock God

Rock God Part 12New Day!

The hunt is on and the dog-beasts never miss their prey. The fates of all the players are aligning and the threads are being pulled tight! When all is lost, what else is there to do?

Ravenscort and Debbie find something to pass the time whilst held captive by the Quorum and Peter and the others sleep for two days (As you would!). Gorn is growing increasingly frustrated by his new left hand and by the Controller, and can’t wait to exact revenge on everyone. Hardgrist is trapped by The Saters and must perform with them and win the Battle of The Bands. So all in all, not much is happening, as the fate of the Seven Worlds hangs in the balance, with the Moondial destroyed and the stones of power scattered. Part 12 continues the rollercoaster ride, so hold on to your hat, sit back and enjoy it!


Part 12 of the audiobook is available below



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