Skin of Their Teeth – Part 11 Rock God

Escape isn’t always what it is cracked up to be, particularly when yoRock God Part 11u have failed to achieve your aim. Hardgrist basks in his success, but there is a grim realization that he is not as free as he thought. New dangers, new targets and new twists.

The plot is quickly moving towards its final climax, but Ravenscort and Debbie are still in the Controller’s clutches and she has secrets that even Gorn is unaware of.

I expect there will be four more installments to the end of the book. I have re-read Part 10 and made considerable changes with another re-edit. I wasn’t happy with the version recorded for the audiobook. I won’t re-record the chapter at this point as I want to keep up to date with the installments. The plot isn’t effected, but it didn’t read as well as I liked.

The link to all the parts 1 to 11 is below, so give it a try!



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