Into The Fire – Part 10 of Rock God

It has been a bit of a rush this week getting this part ready for release due to the electricity being off for a day due to planned maintenance, dentist visits and the like, but I have managed it. I didn’t want to let anyone down who is following it.

Rock God Part 10 coverThis part is ‘Into the Fire!’ and it continues at a fast pace. Split apart, the dangers have increased and Ravenscort and Debbie are in mortal danger, Hardgrist has gone AWAL and Peter and Nightjar are being hunted by inhuman foe. The City of Pennitent waits in fear as the Controller consolidates her power over the population and Gorn waits in the wings to exact his revenge. The Watchers no longer seem content to just witness the events of the Seven Worlds and the Altered roam the planet Iridium with merciless intent. All in all, not a good time for the residents. Humour and horror go hand in hand as Book 2 of The Moondial Series moves towards the climax.

The beta audio book is available on the link below and the eBook version will be available in the near future.

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