Working on ideas for the third cover.

Gorn Hell Fire Cover 2I am still working on possible covers for the third book in The Moondial series, ‘Hell Fire’. This one is a possibility for the fourth if not the third. Thought I would go for a scary image for this one and there seemed no less scary image than the author. It does seem a little premature as I am still only have way through the edit of Book 2, but there you go.

I am brimming with the ideas for the characters that survive Book 2, is that a spoiler? So I hope that you enjoy  the journey with me. I am not sure how authors write, but for me I am as much a reader as anyone else. I look forward to finding out what will happen to the characters. They truly do seem to have a life of their own.

Last night, whilst asleep I got some new ideas for a completely different book, in a new genre for me. I wonder if I will ever write it? Time will tell. If I am lucky I have a lot to write and time to do it. Part 9 of Rock God (audiobook) will be out next weekend. The link below will take you to all the available parts on SoundCloud.

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