Rock God Part 8 – Audiobook


Rock God Part 8Half way through the editing and reading of the book and for those following the story is moving at pace. Reading for recording an audiobook is a complex process. After a long career in teaching I am used to reading to a live audience, but recording is a different approach. The pace is faster, the gaps shorter and pressure greater. A live audience is more forgiving and responsive and accuracy of the text less critical. I spend more time, cutting the gaps between words, and shortening the length of the chapter, than I do the initial read. Breathing gaps can and should be removed to give a fluid, lively read. I realize the skill of news readers and presenters, who do this for a living and on the whole do so flawlessly.

In Part 8 we learn more about ‘The Saters’, the world conquering rock band and their origins; the Altered and how Gorn creates them with his necromantic powers; the Controller and how she has come to dominate Pennitent and Iridium; and what surprising skills Hardgrist has.

Is the audacious possible? All seems hopeless, but can they win against the odds? Find out in Part 8. So many enemies and so little time!

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  1. Thanks be to Gorn! Just in time

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