Part 7 is ready.

For those following the saga, or for those newly discovering, here is Part 7 of the audiobook, Rock God. This is Book 2 of The Moondial Series and follows The Moonchild.  Death, betrayal, abominations and many surprises are to be found in Part 7 of ‘Rock God’. Not for the faint hearted!

I am hoping to have the published book out in the next month or so and I have started working on some cover ideas for Book 3 – Hell Fire which I will start writing soon and hope to have out before the end of the year. I have shown one of the cover ideas for Hell Fire.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThings are getting quite busy with finishing off the audiobook, editing and thinking of plot ideas for Book 3. On top of that I have to work on some new videos for songs on Symptomatic and I almost have enough new songs for the next album. I can’t say life is dull.

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