Rock God – Part 2 of The Moondial

The book is written and the editing in is full swing. This is the part I find the most challenging. It is such a time consuming process and I want to get on with writing the next book. I find it difficult to see how someone could edit as a profession, but there are those who do it. Reading is such an interpretive process that you do not normally read each word. Your brain fills in the gaps with the rules of grammar to ensure we make sense with speed and fluency and as a result we can misread what is written with what we think has been written.

No matter how many times I or my editor (wife) read and re-read the work we can still find mistakes in the spelling, grammar or sense of the work, never minding the style, content and keeping the story true. One thing I have become aware of is that I no longer read the work of others in the same way. I used to just enjoy books, but now I check for errors, plot weaknesses, vocabulary. This is a shame, but it is the same with music. Now that I have produced a number of albums, I can’t help but dissect the work of others. I listen for production techniques, song writing structure, effects and others. This has taken some of the pleasure away, but added a new dimension.

We can learn so much from others when we open ourselves to their work, but often we pay it little heed. If you are following my work then I hope you will enjoy the progress I make as I write more and more. Rock God is an evolution of Peter Calender’s progress and my own. He learns that the seven worlds are not safe  and that evil intent is everywhere. The journey we are taking together will hopefully surprise us all. It is through learning that life has value, and the company of others that makes it enjoyable.

Join me on Peter’s journey!

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