The Drive to Write

books-bookstore-book-reading-159711.jpegWhat is it that makes someone want to write, to create? It appears to be something that is there from the moment we learn to write. Children are fascinated by stories and they want to hear the same story over and over again. They find comfort in the repetition and security in knowing how it will end. As adults, we still love a story, but now the availability of the visual media takes many away from reading. Watching a film, a video or television is a more passive occupation, whereas reading is a more active one. In reading one is attempting to create the same visual images, experiences, emotions, as the author felt at the time of writing. It is, in essence, a mind transference. The cues and clues of the written page stir visions in our minds, based not only on the words, not only on our imagination, but also on our experiences. I know when I write, I share more than I realize with the reader. I am learning the skill of using words to make this experience more precise, more accurate and more vivid.

I write because I enjoy the story. I want to sit down and experience what happens next and often I am surprised by what occurs. I suppose I write because I enjoy it, and I hope that it may give other readers pleasure too. Will I continue even if no one will read it? The answer is yes. I long to discover what new stories are out there that I can pluck out from wherever they hide. If you enjoy stories, then come along and enjoy the ride with me.

One Reply to “The Drive to Write”

  1. We get very few clues to another person’s inner world other than through reading. Authors should be commended for having the bravery to share their own imaginations with a critical public


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